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Ski Dubai
"It's no act, the cold is real in here!"

Ski Dubai - Dubai United Arab Emirates

             Ski Dubai                                                              

  Ski Dubai is the world's first indoor ski slope and snow park. I really had a good time here. When I wasn't taking pictures, I was busy enjoying the slides, tobogganing and catching a race at the main ski slope. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to beat the heat in Dubai. The cold weather clothes and skiing equipment are either included as part of the price or sold at the ski shop.


 Mall of the Emirates , Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)  

  • Indoor Ski Slopes
    • Advance and beginners slopes are available.
    • Ski Lessons are provided on site. Bring no equipment because everything that is not included is for sale on site.
  • Snow Park
    • Ice Tubing Tobogganing Frozen climbing wall
    • Movie Theatre Party Room Snow Tunnel i.e. man made blizzard Play area for small children
    • Tubin-go-round for small children
    • Snow Park Cafe St. Mortiz Cafe St.
      • Moritz Dining room is available inside the lobby where it's warm.
      • Snow Park Cafe is a dining for where you can enjoy your meal on chairs and  table made of solid ice.
  • Other Attraction in The Mall of the Emirates
    • A luxury Hotel is located in the Mall
    • Magic Planet - The world's largest indoor amusement park in the Mall of the Emirates alongside Ski Dubai.
    • The Dubai Metro - Largest driverless train system constructed at one has service directly to The Mall of the Emirates and Ski Dubai
    • Fine dining restaurant cluster around Ski Dubai offer cuisine from around the world.
    • Movie theatres are also available from "A" list movies from the U.S. and first rate international movies.
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September 09


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