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Four Sports fields

Click -Lake Rim Park Tour
Pier fishing, boating and Kayaking all from here
Click -Lake Rim Park Tour
Two play centers one can be used as an outdoor workout station for pull-ups.

Lake Rim Park

             Lake Rim Park - click here                                                                                       Fayetteville, North Carolina

     It was “Ok, Mom” and then model rocket hissed and smoked its way off of the stand. It was high in the sky in old seconds, when a parachute popped out. Caught by the wind, the rocket was carried right down center and we followed. I followed it past center field as it floated to the ground somewhere in the distance. I pushed my way into forest and jumped the fence where I stopped. My day had taken me so far away from work, so far away from everything that I just didn’t realize that we’d been just on the other side of the busy Raeford Rd. I walked along the side of the road for a few feet before I found my daughters hand painted rocket.

     With rocket in hand, I disappeared from alongside Raeford Rd leaving it, work and most of my worries behind. It was later when the park ranger explained that there are no rockets allowed. So we finished the day walking along this little path talking about "our dreams" or what we plan to do in the coming year. Sometimes, laughing and sometime yelling at the kids to slow down as the disappear along the wooded walk. Eventually, we just popped outs some where and found or way back to the car. It was a quite get away on that first day that I visited, but that isn't always the case. Lake Rim park is a place where soccer moms chat on the bleacher in the afternoon while the kids play soccer and father shout and clinche fist as the football flies down the field. This is just a place where everyone comes together because there's so much here. See the information below.

  • Website:  http://www.fcpr.us

  • Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

    • Address: 2214 Tar Kiln Dr. Park

  • Attractions:

    • Sports fields (all are multipurpose)

      • North Sports Field – Soccer

      • East Sports Field – Football

      • South Sports Field-Baseball

      • West Sports Field – Baseball

    • Tennis court

    • Volleyball court

    • Nature walks

      • Border Trail

      • Spring Crossing Trail

    • Playground/Outdoor fitness

      • Children’s playground on west side

      • Work center and playground east side

      • Pavilions – These are covers concrete patio with grills and close parking

        • Varnedoe Pavilion

        • Civil Works Pavilion

    • Restrooms

      •  Varnedoe Pavilion

      • Civil Works Pavilion

      • Visitors centers

      • Between South and West Sports Fields (baseball fields)

      •  Lake Attractions:

        • Two piers for fishing

        • Boat ramp

    • Artifacts and historical displays

      • Mini museum in the visitors center

      • Turpentine distillers built around 1900

      • Wetlands walk

  • Park Activities:

    • Guided nature tours

      • Wildflower walk

      • Interpretive hike

      • Tar Kiln Tour

    • Training and lessons

      • Dog Etiquette

      • Castles in the Sand (toddlers)

      • Fishing o   Fishing basics

      • Tackle and loan program

      • Much more, Click here to see it        

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Published 8 Feb 13


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