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Concession  area and bridge

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Festival Park

                                                                                                  Fayetteville, North Carolina

    Click here to see the tourThe streets were packed as we made our way through downtown with kids trailing behind; they were "too cool" to be seen with parents. There were soccer moms, young families and teenagers with wild haircuts. I thought Fayetteville was the home of the military haircut?. It was "Fourth Friday" and tribute band was playing classic rock at Festival Park. while everyone else had lounged on the grass, or stood in line for beer. It was a good time and this is where we were.

     Festival Park is literally "what's happening" in Fayetteville during the Dogwood Festival. It has a 10,000 person capacity and those people won't be bored. Live performances can be heard from the Busch stage over looking a grassy field; It's bare in the tour, but during events it's covered with onlookers, vendors and refreshments. During the International Folk Festival, the path between the roundabout and the stage is lined with food from all over the world. If you haven't had hummus (Middle East), Thai curry or Adobo (Philippines), you can't miss this. When Festival Park is not the center of attention, it's great place to walk along the creek or share quite moments away from the loudness of downtown without being far from it. Click here to see the tour

  • Address:

    •  Ray Avenue and Rowan Street

    • Entrance on Raye Avenue

  • Website: http://www.fcpr.us

  • Attractions / Amenities:

    • Walking trails

    • Performance Stage

    • Picnic areas

    • Public Restrooms (Permanent)

    • Available during events

      • Entertainment

      • Food vendors

      • Refreshments

      • Product vendors

  • Events:

    • International Folk Festival

    • Dogwood Festival

    • Fourth Friday

    • Alive After Fives


Festival Arts Council - International Folk Festival - Festival Park

Fayetteville Dogwood Festival - Festival Park History

16 July 13


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