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This is actually a water fountain for Fido..
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Riverside Dog Park

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                                                                                       Fayetteville, North Carolina


Riverside Dog Park is a place Click here to see the tourwhere humans can get a chance to exercise or treat pets to an outing without worrying about a lease. In fact, the people seemed to have a good time chatting while the dogs chased each other around the lot for the big dogs.

    The Dog Park is tucked away off of I-95 Business across the highway for the Botanical Gardens. There a small sign as you enter the I-95 access road, but otherwise it's unannounced. The entrance to the park opens from a small parking lot and leads to a shady paved path. There are two separate areas for large and small dogs. There are double gates leading to each of the play areas where you will find wide open areas for playing Frisbee and shady areas with park benches. The dogs just love it. Our dog Charlie has to run around sniffing the place and romps playing with the other dogs until he's dog tired.

Visitors are provided with a watering and washing station for pets and waste collection bins since cleaning up behind pets is required even though leashes aren't. The area was relatively free of pet litter and owners stood at the ready. So I give the place good marks for cleanliness.

This is a good place to bring energetic and playful dogs to burn off some energy while you chat with other pet owners or read a book.


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  • Address:

    • 555 N. Eastern Blvd 

  • Hours:  Daily dusk to dawn

  • Website: http://www.fcpr.us

  • Attractions / Amenities:

    • Fire Hydrant

    • Lease free gated play areas

    • Separate play areas for large and small dogs

    • Benches

  • Requirements:

    • Clean up behind your dog

    • Vaccinations are up to date

    • Tag securely attached to collar

    • Dog must have be license

    • Leash required outside the gate

19 July 13


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