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This view for the pool

Lovina Oasis North Bali

                                                                                                  Lovina Beach, North Bali


    Click here to see the tour The Lovina Oasis is exactly what it says, an Oasis. It’s right in the Lovina Beach tourist district, but tucked away from the nightlife on a residential street; it’s an urban garden and hotel. This place is within easy walking distance from a wide variety of eating establishments, souvenir shops, “a traditional market”, diving trainers etc. The location is prime.

      The garden is my favorite part about this place. It’s small but meticulously cared for. There’s a pool underneath the walkway with plants, fish and a turtle happily living down there. I’ve been trying to sneak up on the turtle every morning, but he jumps in the water before I can get too close.

     The best place for access to the pool is downstairs. The rooms downstairs facing the wall may have sounds from the neighbors; closing windows will limit this. The quietest rooms are upstairs.

        The rooms are spacious and well setup for business travelers or families. The table is big enough for traveler’s computer, camera and tablet or its intended use serving four un-cramped diners. The kitchens are large for a hotel and stocked with coffee and milk. The bathrooms feature a walk-around shower and some rooms also feature a bath tub.     

      The design is stylish from every aspect. How did they get that pool so blue? The pool, pond and garden lend a refreshing style to the outdoor living spaces. The rooms are well appointed with stone in the bathroom and the front windows open to the pool offering the unique sunsets we managed to catch in the photograph.

     Lovina Oasis is in walking distance to a wide variety of amenities at Lovina Beach that can’t be matched by any one establishment. Yet, it’s still a private place filled with comfortable and beautiful indoor/outdoor living spaces. By virtue of its size, Lovina Oasis is also able to offer personal care that may not be available in other places. I would stay here again.


18 Nov 13


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