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The Balinese food is what's good on the menu.

Barkuda Seafood

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Barakuda Seafood

                                                                                                  Lovina Beach, North Bali

  Click here to see the tour I thought "This place looks nice" and ordered some grilled fish. The first thing I noticed was the chairs and the floors. They were all done the old fashioned way. Everything looked hand made from the handrails all the way up to the roof where  someone has obviously sat on the roof and  weaved the reeds (or whatever it is) together to make it. The structure itself is rich in the culture of the region, old fashioned tradition....

The grill fish is both filling and easy on the waste line. That's a rare combination, but that's not why I eat there almost often. When they grill a fish, it's Barracuda for me and it's grilled over coals with grill marks from the grill and aroma of the wood deep into the meat. Of course, it usually comes with cabbage in this ginger sauce, which is good. The best part may just be the Teriyaki vegetables. If you've never left the States, it's unlikely that you've even tasted Teriyaki home made. I'm fortunate enough to have a wife and father patient enough to turn the sauce in the pan until it caramelizes with big pieces of ginger. I never thought that I would taste like that in a restaurant until I got here. I wanted to know more about this place and share with everyone else. So I sat down with Putu and Barakuda Seafood.

 FVT - Where are you from? Putu - I come from the village.

FVT - What is your job here?

Putu –I am the Owner

FvT - Where are from?

Putu – I am here from the village and we’re here for 5 years from the mountains.

FvT - Why did you decide to come to Lovina? Putu I came for a job and to rent this restaurant. This is a family business. (His wife works with him.)

FvT - Why is Barakuda the best restaurant? Putu -Before [we’ve been trying] this restaurant for 5 years. We tried to make seafood with different fish. The Barakuda has a special tasted and it’s a white fish that can be cooked in any way. We also have a have a special lobster and King Prawn either [of] this is fresh.

FvT – That was one of the first things I noticed. I would see your wife cutting all of the vegetables fresh when the food was ordered.

Putu – Yes, we cook everything fresh and with an open kitchen so people can see.

FvT - What’s your favorite meal? Putu - Barkuda with a special Balinese sauce. Balinese food is my favorite food.

By this time, there was a plate of bright vegetables and fish in front of us, but you can see and hear about that in the tour. Barakuda Seafood makes food is just like the building itself; they are made the old fashion way. It’s the craftsmanship that makes the different to those of us that can taste the difference between ginger sauce that came of a bottle and from Mamma’s kitchen. For those us who can, this is restaurant that you can’t miss.


18 Nov 13


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