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The tip of building seems to disappear into the sun.
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These other buildings are skyscrapers. Burj Khalifa dwarfs everything else around it.
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Burj Khalifa

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We started our tour coming out of the Dubai Mall. In typical Dubai fashion, the Dubai Mall is billed as the largest Mall in the world. After walking through it, this doesn't stretch the imagination. The Dubai Mall opens up into the Dubai Fountains. The Dubai Fountains is a shallow pool, that winds it's ways from the Dubai Mall past the Burj Khalifa and around to the street in front of the Burj Khalifa. At time, it seems like a lake because of it's size until music and water fountains start going. We took the bridge facing the Mall and found nice restaurants and shops lining the walkway along the pool. We kept following along the pool past the waterfall. Until we reached the luxury apartment where we denied access as they were personal residences. Following pools past Burj Khalif, there was only a hotel all the fountains leading around to the street in front of Burj Khalifa.

We can see what the fuss is about. It's hard to imagine a better space to sit out under the star for dinner or a walk than under the shade of the Burj Khalifa. The water, the music, the skyscrapers just give this place an elegant appeal even though it can be crowd at times.

You can find a history of Burj Khalifa at Wikipedia.org. There is a tour of the inside of Burj Khalifa from the inside available at the Burj Khalifa homepage. Here we will browse the Dubai Fountains area to view the spectacle from ground level just like you were there.

Everything else is best said with pictures. So enjoy the tour.



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14 April 14


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