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The Rasta Shop sign from the street
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Some of the colorful art 
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The Reggae Shop and Warung Music

                                                                                                  Lovina Beach, North Bali

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The Rasta Shop and Warung Music are in downtown Lovina. They are both run by Putu and her family. Warung Music serves beer and food with Reggae playing in the background. The kitchen is covered with colorful music artwork. Occasionally Putu or the cook can be heard singing to the music in the kitchen. Food and drinks are served on the patio. I’ve had the Thai chicken, which was well prepared and presented and the nasi goreng, which was home cooking. It’s not just food; people come have a beer away from bands and the noise at times. At other times, Putu will sit on the steps and smoothly play tunes you know. Sometimes, The musician come and spend the night playing acoustic guitars and singing songs in Balinese and English. Either way, we've found it a treat to visit.

There’s a sign on the street for the Rasta Shop because it sits away from the street. You can still see the brightly lit shop from there if you look. The walls and ceilings are covered with Reggae art and the shelves are covered with clothes, pillows and little bit of everything Reggae. But really, they sell style in this shop; you will just need to buy a T-shirt or something to get it.

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20 May 14


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