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Lovina Nights - Walking Tour

Edward Kurtz  Author / Photography and Production Keith Eaton
             Click here for the walking tour                                                                                     Lovina Beach, North Bali


Lovina Beach is a popular tourist destination on the northern coast of the island of Bali in Indonesia.  It is a stretch of black sand beach to the west of Singaraja, the main town on the north shore. 
This coastline offers a lot to visitors: tranquility for those who seek it; many outdoor activities for those looking for fun and thrills; and all of the amenities that help to make each visitor’s stay comfortable and convenient.  (Scene T12)
So it’s a perfect vacation spot for everybody: adventurers, backpackers, singles and couples looking for a place to relax, and families looking for things for their children to do.
Many people choose to give Lovina Beach a try because they are looking for a change from the crowds that they find in the southern parts of Bali, especially Kuta.  The international airport is located in Kuta, and this is where many tourists end up spending their entire holiday.
But savvy travelers seek out other more interesting and exotic destinations, and Lovina Beach is one of these.  One of the big draws is the ocean itself: unlike the other parts of the island where the ocean crashes against rocks and swimming is impossible, here the water is calm and clear and safe for all kinds of ocean activities, like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and dolphin watching.
Lovina Beach is a black sand beach along a calm sea: this is a tranquil setting with a slow pace of life and a laid-back atmosphere.  Many people enjoy relaxing and simply soaking up the sun and jumping into the water for a dip.  There is the occasional hawker passing by on the beach, but nothing like the hawkers on the southern beaches.  This can be reason enough to head to Lovina Beach!

Walking along the beach is also fun.  This stretch of coast is made up of several traditional fishing villages, so there are colorful local boats called “perahu” here and there on the black sand. 
 Map of attractions in Lovina Bali
Going west from Singaraja, the villages are Temukus, Kalibukuk, Antaran, Pemaron, Tukad, Mungga, Banyualit, and Kaliasem.  The main village is Kalibukuk, and this is considered to be Lovina’s “town center.”  This is where many hotels, restaurants, shops, and ATMs are located.  The dolphin statue is also located here: it serves as a landmark, a convenient meeting place, and a point of conversation, as some people think it’s a bit kitschy.
The reason for the statue, of course, is that dolphins are popular here, and there are many tours that offer dolphin watching.  Sometimes there are more boats than dolphins, but it can still be a fun experience.  (Scene T012)
The popularity of the dolphins is also apparent in the large number of stone and wooden carvings that are for sale in the area.  Other things to buy in Lovina Beach are crafts and arts as well as T-shirts.
Many people including locals, tourists, and expats meet at sundown for a game of beach volleyball followed by “happy hour” and dinner. (Scene T012)
There are many places to eat along this coast, mostly in Kalibukuk, and food is generally less expensive here than in the south.  Choices range from traditional Balinese and Indonesian fare to Thai food, like Jasmine Kitchen, and Australian, like Kemiri.  (Eat/Drink  Tab: Jasmine Kitchn)
Warung Jegeg is a restaurant that offers delicious local fare and even cooking classes.  Adjani is another place that offers cooking classes: this one is located in Kaliasem.  Kopi Bali has inexpensive food for budget travelers’ budgets, while Kakatua has good food and live music every night.
There are also quite a few choices for nightlife entertainment.  There are plenty of bars, some with live acoustic music, some with DJs, some with satellite TV sportscasts, and there’s even a disco.  Have a drink and watch the sunset.  Or stay and enjoy a singalong with some of the locals.  Try some arak: it’s local Balinese rice wine.  (Eat/Drink-Tab :Warung Music)
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