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Streetside dining is a very relaxing way to have dinner and the weather is usually just right.

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Creekside dining is amazing. This quiet spot is just steps away from the street. 

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Akar Ethical & Natural Living- Restaurant

 Author and Photographer  Keith Eaton
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  Akar translates in "roots" and it's clear that the intent of the menu is to get back to our roots in terms of simple and natural ingredients in our food and lives. This a restaurant that focuses on locally grown fresh ingredients to make healthy vegetarian dishes. But, don't get this confused with "health food", which can be and acquired taste. this is really good food that happens to be vegetarian and  healthy.


Vegetarian cuisine is served here. The menu is made up of local and international food, but the ingredients are mostly local .

Nasi Goreng: Fried rice is the local dish. Akar serves a vegetarian fried with  a few nuts and a semi-sweet taste. It's twist on the local favorite that's unique to Akar.

Vegetarian burrito: The ingredients are served separately, so you have a choice of exactly have you would lVegetarian burritos at Akarsike to build your burrito. It comes with vegetarian refried beans, a mild greens salsa that taste really fresh, and red salsa that has a spicy flavor that you expect out of "Texmex" restaurant" . This also brings a flavored sour cream sauce and finishes with a shredded cheese.


Putting this all together, turns out a lovely burrito. Burritos at Akars Health & Natural Restaurant Lovina BeachThis comes with two burrito's, but I  ate one before I remembered to take the picture.

The next notable dish is the grilled amergine. Pictures of this dish can be found on the virtual to in the creek side dining room. The grilled amergine. amebergine is grilled and stuffed with Fetta cheese (Note: Ask for extra smoke because the bmergine come out with extra "Grilled" flavor. It comes with a nutty yellow rice and an American style salad with a lemon dressing.....


There are two really different atmosphere's in the one restaurant.4

Street side dining: This bring you inside, right on the streets providing a background of tourist and motorcycles passing through the street while you enjoy the food. Sometimes, it nice to see what's happening.

Creekside dining: A lovely oasis is only a  few steps of the street. The reaAkars Ethical and Natural Living Atmospherer dining area dress an inviting green and open to a little that flows by. There's been much said about the sunsets in Bali, but when the sun dips here the sky turns a brilliant blue and change the color of the entire place.

IIn both places, you will find a relax atmosphere where sandals are definitely allowed. It's a place where people don't  mind passing time with friends or just enjoy the sunset.


Location:Map of attractions in Lovina Bali

Akar Healty & Natural Living is located in the tourist district of Lovina Beach in Bali. If you are staying in the Lovine beach area, it's probably in walking distance.

It is a 2 minute walk from the Dophin statues downtown and 5 minutes from the Angsoka, MyLovina and other hotel.

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Days - Every day

Hours - 7am to 10pm


They offer extras like

  • Akars Ethical & Natural Living Free WifiFree Wifi
  •  Ice cream
  • Naturally made product such and massage oils, soaps and and insect repllents
  • Note: You can see all of this in the virtual tour.

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