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Alter at Pura Pabean

One of the smaller temples on the site

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The rocky beach of  the Pemuteran sea.

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Pura Pabean - Visitors Guide

Larisa A.  Author / Photography and Production Keith Eaton
                                                                                                     Pura Pabean, North Bali


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Pura Pabean overlooks the coast of Pemuteran(n_seaside). The entrance can be reached by climbing up the stairs, where you’ll need to stop for a splendid view to the sea. It’s the most popular spot to take panorama photos, so don’t miss it.

Entering the complex (h_high_steps), you’ll walk through the temple courts, which were built to separate the public area, from those designated for prayers and the priests.

The overall decoration of the temple is a mix of the Chinese and Balinese styles. Moreover, some of the incorporated elements come from Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and more.

The temple is traditionally comprised of three courts. The decorations and carvings on the walls are not extensive, but do represent the history of the customs regulations at the time. One of the courts contains 2 huge dragon sculptures, called Naga Anthaboga and Naga Basuki, which are to guard the temple from the evil spirits.

You’ll see a lot of locals praying here throughout the day and the cars that pass by the temple toot their horn. In fact, people who come to pray are not only from the nearby villages, but also from all around Bali. The closest temple is Pura Pulaki, which is just across the street around 200m from Pura Pabean.

The best time to visit Pura Pabean is when all the trees are in blossom. Considering the bare colors of the temple exterior and the amount of fantastic trees in the courtyard, the scene is not to be missed.

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