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Pura Pabean sunset

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Pura Pabean

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Pura Pabean- Visitors Guide

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             Pura Pabean seaview                                                                                     Pura Pabean, North Bali


Pura Pabean, also known as Geriya Konco Dewi, is one of the three famous temples of the Pulaki area (together with Pura Pulaki and Pura Melanting).

As Indonesia is filled with magical temples and their mind-blowing architecture, understanding their significance and meaning is crucial. For example, all temples in Indonesia are built either high up on the mountains or by the sea. These 2 locations symbolize the good (for the mountains) and the evil (for the sea).

According to different legends, kind and sympathetic gods reside on the mountains, while evil demons live near the waters below.

Although mountain temples are more important to the locals, the others receive an equal amount of care and attention. Pura Pabean is nestled on a beautiful coastline, but the deities it serves to are not necessarily evil.

The word “Pabean” comes from the word “bea” (meaning “custom” in English). It’s closely associated with the customs newcomers would go through centuries ago. Sailors departing from Bali would also come here for their final prayer and ask for a safe journey.

A theory suggests that Pura Pabean was dedicated to the ancestors of seafarers and fishermen, who visited Bali from China and surrounding countries. Though not yet scientifically confirmed, it’s possible that the temple served as an entrance check point to Bali.Google Map to Pura Pabean

Moreover, a special spirit responsible for taxing was said to reside in one of the temple shrines. The Chinese subandar spirit shares the shrine with Hindu deity Shiva, which, in fact, is a very positive god in Hinduism. The second shrine of the complex is dedicated to Kuan Yin and the Buddha.



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