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Ornate statue at Pura Pulaki 

This is  one of the Ornate Macaque that protected the temple.


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Pura Pulaki - Location  / Info

Larisa Aslanyan - Author / Photography and Production Keith Eaton

                                                                                                  Pura Pulaki, North Bali

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Pura Pulaki is located in 45 Minutes drive from Lovina Beach. The Pulaki village, which is the nearest settlement, is a 3-hour drive from the International Airport of Bali. Another temple, Pura Pabean, stands directly across the street. Pura Segara is the next on one the trail.




Practical InformationGoogle Map to Pura Pabean
o   There is no obligatory admission fee, but you’ll be asked to make a donation.
o   Entrance is allowed only if you’re wearing a sarong and sash. Those can be purchased at the entrance.
o   Bring food and snacks along. Make sure to have delicious fruits, if want to befriend the monkeys.
o   The locals believe that the places where mountains touch the sea radiate with special energy called Nyegara Gunung in Bali, so if you were looking for a place to meditate, you’ve found it!




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1 November 14


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