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Pura Uluwatu Welcome Sign

Welcome to Pura Uluwatu

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One of many observation points, where dramatic views of the sea can be found

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Pura Uluwatu

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History and Ideology

Pura Uluwatu was built in the 11th century. The on-site excavations have unearthed the megalithic origins of the temple, dating back to the 10th century. According to the inscriptions, the temple was founded by a Majapahit monk named Mpu Kunturan. His name is often mentioned in the foundation of other temples like Pura Sakenan over 10 centuries ago.
According to a legend, this is where the monk reached the highest level of spirituality. He eventually became one with the deities by striking a lightning and disappearing with it.
Another theory suggests that the temple was built by Danghyang Nirartha, another famous figure in Balinese religious history.
Pura Uluwatu became accessible only after 1983; although a surprise lightning set the temple on fire in 1999 and created further challenges. The temple, of course, was restored a few times.
Hindus believe that divine powers of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva interlace and become Google Map to Pura Pabeanone in Pura Uluwatu. It’s a crucial detail that makes the Hindus visit the temple to worship Siva Rudra, the deity of life in the universe and all elements in existence.
Locals also believe that higher powers are protecting the temple from the shore erosions. The temple is taken care of very attentively; although the complex is always full of tourists, there are no touristic facilities inside the complex walls.  The area has been kept perfectly clean of vendors and souvenir kiosks.

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1 December 14


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