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Up to You Bar & Grill t Lovina Beach Bali table setting

Colorful place setting at Up To You

Up to You Bar & Grill Lovina Beach Bali View of the street 

The scene from the street side dining room can surreal like a tropical paradise.

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Up To You - Review and Tour

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                                                                                                   Up To You, Lovina Beach Bali


Up to You bar & Grill Lovina Beach Bali table settingAbout:

"Up to you" is a restaurant that tries to be the local fun spot, but ends up being that and more.  As the logo implies, you'll find people whiling away the time with an IPad during the day and on the weekends, the DJ draws a people in with music, but where this place really stands out is the food. The food is the absolute passion of the owner along with keeping the place spotless.

We sat down with the owner and he explained that he goal was to simple make a place with great food, drinks, a lot of fun while keeping the most spotless kitchen and bathroom in town. He passlion about this really shows through in the quality of the food and the cleanliness of the place. In fact, we had to include the bathrooms as they are of exceptional quality and cleanliness especially for the region. We did get a chance to see the kitchen. The kitchen and freezer were well organized with vacuum packed and dated packages on everything, which helps explain why tastes so fresh at the table.

The cuisine has the classic Balinese food that you expect along Lovina, including "Nasi Goreng" a fried rice that's the unofficial national dish along with other traditional favorites. . They also serve Italian food and Mediterranean food. On the day that we sampled the menu, we found the following items on the menu
Dinner Menu Sample:
  • Filet Steaks that are imported for Australia and vacuum sealed  for freshnes.
  • Sate (Richly flavored meat sautéed on a stick)
  • Spaghetti (hard to fin) with:
    • Pesto
    • Carbonara
    • Pomodorro
  • Chicken Curry
    • Green
    • Red
  • Fish & Chips
  • Sides: Meals come with bread, rice, pasta or potatoes.
  • Many others.
  • Breakfast is served here and it's start late in the morning, the perfect place when "The Night is Hooter", but if you're leaving early in the morning this restaurant and the other don't open early in the morning.


  • Hot fresh ground coffee is made strong here along with Cappuccino. These are all made from freshly ground coffee beans. It's a fact of life that most places servce instant coffee and "Coffee shop" quality coffee can be hard to find. Go no further that Up To You.

  • There is traditional coffee made here and other places. This is made from a fine ground coffee mixed directly into the coffee and stirred. They'll add milk and sugar for you if desired.

Beer and Wine:

  • Up To You serves draft beer from the bar including Heineken as well as a wine list for dinner or to enjoy with music.
Sampled Meals:

Shoarma with Marinated Chicken, Mango Juice and Crème Brule for desert.

  • The Shoarma  served on a fresh pita bread. The chicken was richly season without being hot. The texture of the chicken was more like tiny grill chicken strips rather than Kabob, but the rich in favor was strongly noted. It came with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and two sauces. The white sauce tasted a little sweeter than what you would expect from the Shoarma in the middle east and more like Greek sauce, but definitely cool and tasty.
  • The Mango Juice was rich and cool. This is different than the Mango juice that you might find in the west. It's equally as sweet, but natural. It's a Mango placed in a blender and if required, just enough water may be added to given it a consistency thicker than a smoothie.
  • Crème Brule was sampled homemade tasting, not overly sweet, but richly caramelized. We would recommend it.


  • Tapas are many small portions food similar to a series of appetizers. Each has a unique taste that cleans the palette for the next. The Tapas are delivered one after the other and elevated the quality of the meal beyond what we would have expected from such a casual place.
  • Octopus with vinegar sauce - This was served cold and cooked only til tender. It was well presented but tasted much better than it looked.
  • Baklava was sweet and flaky with quality that we would have expected from a bakery. This is a hard to find treat in Lovina.
Up To You has four different atmosphere depend on where and when you visit.
  • Street side: You can site facing the streets with tourists walking by as you enjoy the breeze or sunsets.

  • Upstairs, it's quieter and the rear wall is cut away for a view of the roof top and the stream with is usually covered by the jungle like trees. It's a lovely place for conversation with music in the background.

  • The Bar / Coffee Shop: This space is where we find people meeting "pub buddies" or sitting quietly with and Ipad and coffee.

  • Nightlife: On the weekend, the background music turns into a DJ people are in and out while beer is coming from the taps.

Up to you is located right off the beach in Downtown Lovina in View of the Lovina Dolphin statue and a moment's walk from the beach. The general area offers, tourist guide, gift shopping, restaurant, local fast food, hotel andMap to Up To You Bar & Grill in Lovina Beach Bali bars. You can find it on the Lovina Night tour or on the Google map below.
8:00am to 12pm  7 Day a week
  • Music & DJ every weekend.

  • Fresh ground coffee

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1 December 14


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