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Flag in a row in Downtown Fayetteville NC

Flags lining the street in Downtown Fayetteville, NC 

Sunrise at Fayetteville Linear Park in Downtown Fayetteville 

Cross Creek Park in Downtown Fayetteville 

Park & Recreation

Festival Park

Riverside Dog Park

Lake Rim Park


Rude Awakening

Museums & Memorials

Freedom Memorial Park


Fayetteville NC

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Fayetteville Walking Tour

 Ariticle Claire Troy , Photography, Production Beyond Streetview
                                                                                                   Fayetteville, North Carolina USA


Fayetteville MarkethouseMarket Square Downtown Walking Tour:

About Fayetteville

On the east coast of America lies Fayetteville, a small town with a big heart. Few places in America have played such an influential role in the country’s most defining moments as Fayetteville has. Now it is a thriving place with a hometown feel, but with all the amenities of a big city. There is always something happening from museums to galleries, restaurants, nightlife, parks and festivals, there is a never ending supply of entertainment. Downtown Fayetteville is prized on its walkability and vibrancy. With so much to do there is something for everyone. Come for the day, but be prepared, you might end up staying for a week.

Fayetteville has been nicknamed The All-American City and has won the prestigious All-American City Award from the National Civic League three times, and for good reason. Fayetteville has played important roles during defining historical American moments. In 1775 the Liberty Point Resolve pledged its support for the Revolutionary War. In the late 1700s the North Carolina Legislature would meet here to discuss policy matters. In 1789 the Legislature sanctioned the U.S Constitution and chartered the University of North Caroline, which is now America’s oldest state university. Due to it’s past roles and it’s current military presence, Fayetteville is today seen as the epitome of American freedom, democracy and patriotism.

Downtown Activities
Downtown Fayetteville has become North Carolina’s ultimate weekend hang out. There are endless cool places to eat, relax, shop and explore. Plus there are always heaps of events and festivals taking place each weekend.

Live music, alfresco dining, superb food, buzzing atmosphere, these are just some of the ways to describe the dining options available in downtown Fayetteville. There are choices for every taste bud and for any time of the day. The alfresco dining along the main streets, like Hay Street and Franklin Street, provides a delicious aura to a delicious meal.

Some of the favorite downtown eating options are; Hilltop House – famed for their crème brulee, Pierro's Italian Bistro – their pasta is said to come straight from Italy, Marquis Market – the place for quick bite or a picnic lunch and Rude Awakening Coffee Shop – coffee comes complete with a view of the historic Market House.

No matter if you enjoy antique treasures or chic trends, there are numerous shopping options in downtown Fayetteville. Jewelry stores, antique shops, supermarkets and clothing stores are dotted all over town. Whatever your taste, there is definitely something special you can take home to remember Fayetteville.

Some of the favorite downtown shopping options are; City Centre Gallery & Books – art or literature they offer both, Cherry Blossoms Tattoos – a permanent souvenir perhaps?, All Things By Hand – the perfect place for a unique gift and Diane’s Vintage Market – the place to buy a piece of history.

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