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Front entrance at Rude Awakening Coffee Shop in Fayetteville NC

The bright and inviting entrance at Rude Awakening Coffee Shop

 Rude Awakening Coffee Shop in Fayetteville NC

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Rude Awakening - Review and Tour

 Article by Melinda Skutnick  / Photography and Production Beyond Streetview
                                                                                                   Fayetteville, NC USA


Mocha Rude Awakening Coffee Shop in Fayetteville NCAbout:

Along Fayetteville’s tree-shaded Hay Street sits Rude Awakening coffee house, a cozy yet eclectic and historic shop near downtown’s Market House. From its bright, inviting colors to the buttery croissants – not to mention lattés, Mexican spice cocoas, hot chocolates and more – Rude Awakening has emerged as a staple for a diverse crowd. Also welcoming passersby from its brick-lined pathway, the coffee house entices guests to step away from the hustle and bustle of an average day for relaxation and conversation within its unique environment.

The coffee shop’s strong roots burrow to 1914 and origins as Jackson’s Café before later becoming Brady’s Soda Shop, a moniker the 227 Hay St. location held for most of its century-plus life. But in 1998, under the tutelage of Bruce and Molly Arnold, Rude Awakening took shape before opening its doors in December 1999. Since then, the bright and brilliant destination has become a Fayetteville fixture for its significant city history as well as its scrumptious caffeine-and-treat offerings

Atmosphere or restuarant 
Whether burying oneself in a laptop with green tea or casually sipping espresso with friends on a spring day, Rude Awakening has the perfect nook or cranny for each guest’s needs.            

The entranceway along the brick-sidewalk Hay Street offers an experience reminiscent of a European café; grab a few pals, an iced coffee – or perhaps a mint chocolate chip specialty cappuccino – and slowly enjoy a summer North Carolina day at a quaint table. Under the shade of trees, watch Courtyard at Rude Awakening Coffee Shop in Fayetteville NCpeople and the day pass by with streetside seating in Fayetteville’s growing downtown.            

Seeking the casual comforts of outside, but more privacy? Rude Awakening’s courtyard also allows for enjoyment of cool breezes and coffee without the clatter of downtown’s activity. The outdoor getaway is also an ideal location for those downtown workers who need a perfect escape during that coveted lunch hour.
Visit Hay Street’s local coffeehouse for a delicious meal – try the spinach and feta fresh-baked lunch croissant (served with chips and a cookie) – as you shake off the business cobwebs momentarily. And don’t forget those precious sips of caffeine as you head back to the office!            
Lunch isn’t the only mouth-watering find discovered at Rude Awakening. The popular
 menu also includes breakfast options – various croissants, bagels and muffins, baked fresh daily – as well as delectable desserts. The cake selections vary by day, but they are vast; visit the coffeehouse often for slices such as New York cheesecake, chocolate caramel mousse, tiramisu, strawberry amaretto, carrot cake and cappuccino hazelnut torte. The shop’s cookie selection is nearly as big … and just as delicious … as well as the fresh biscotti, éclairs, truffles and chocolate-covered espresso beans. Guests will never leave disappointed with their caffeine or sugar fix.            

As you peruse the sweet treats or skip dessert for a mocha, check out Rude Awakening’s vivid, engaging indoor café. Bright walls filled with memorabilia from decades past decorate the quaint shop, welcoming everyone to stay for a while, share gossip and stories, make plans for the weekend, and sip the day away.
Face Icon Global Village Cafe Bali World Wide WebtelephoneTelephone: 910  223-7823      
Rude AMap to Up To Rude Awakening Coffee Shop in Fayettevillewakening is in Downtown Fayettevile one block west of the traffic circle at the markethouse on Hay st.

227 Hay st.
Fayetteville, NC 2830

For directions, click the map.

Rude Awakening is more than quick stop along the day’s path; it’s a destination and hub of activity for all who enter its historic Hay Street doors. And the coffeehouse provides ample hours for you to escape within the walls of pink, purple, green and yellow for a dose of caffeine and first-rate relaxation.

Monday through Saturday 7:30 to midnight

Sunday 10am to 9pm

AGift cup at Rude Awakening Coffee Shop in Downtown Fayetteville NClready at Rude Awakening? Take an extra look around the additional offerings this unique coffeehouse has to offer. From T-shirts, mugs and gift cards to espresso cup/saucer pairings, magnetic poetry, one-of-a-kind paintings and more, the perfect gift – or personal splurge item – is at your fingertips.

Gift baskets are also available and customizable for the caffeine fiend in your life, so keep Rude Awakening in mind for not only your own coffee needs, but those of others!
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