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                                                                                                 Fayetteville, NC USA


The Climbing PlaceThe Climbing Place provides enriching and entertaining indoor climbing opportunities for amateur enthusiasts and more experienced climbers alike. Featuring over 18,000 square feet of available climbing surfaces, The Climbing Place regularly hosts individuals from across the state as well as travelers from locations around the country. One of the most popular and comprehensive climbing centers in the region, The Climbing Place fulfills a vital niche within North Carolina’s sporting scene. Thanks to a wide assortment of rope climbing and bouldering routes, visitors are encouraged to expand their climbing knowledge and practical skills. An onsite retail shop is available for climbers and backpackers searching for new gear for either indoor or outdoor adventures. The Climbing Place is committed to training the next generation of climbers, and currently offers several introductory classes as well as an annual summer camp for children.



Rope Climbing / Bouldering Routes : Featuring over 40,000 climbing holds, 60 top ropes and a large overhang area for ambitious bouldering eclimbernthusiasts, The Climbing Place strives to accommodate climbers of all interests and skill levels.

Outdoor Excursions : The staff at The Climbing Place regularly plan and schedule trips for visitors who are interested in experiencing the thrill of outdoor climbing in a group setting. Public and private trips can be scheduled, depending upon the specific interests of the customers.

Aerial Fitness : One of the many unique training opportunities available at The Climbing Place is Airborne Aerial Fitness. Combining elements of acrobatics, strength development and core training, Airborne Aerial Fitness classes are designed for adults and children who are interested in learning more about the fundamentals and technique of the trapeze, aerial silk, hammock and lyra. Students enrolled in the classes will improve their physical and core strength, stamina, and flexibility.


 Technique Classes : Designed primarily for climbers who have pre-existing knowledge of climbing fundamentals, the technique classes offered by The Climbing Place provide individuals with the knowledge they need to improve their technical abilities and increase their performance levels. Technique classes and lead climbing classes are offered. Classes are offered by appointment only.

Group Events : Special pricing discounts are available for both adult and youth groups interested in participating in climbing activities together. The Climbing Place can accommodate birthday parties, school field trips, adult social events, scout merit badge training and a variety of other functions.

Summer Camping : The climbing place offers a summer camp for kids from June to August. This year, it's starts at 07:30 until 12:30 Monday through Friday. It's offers a physically demanding alternative for summer activities that builds character.



Retail Store : The onsite retail store at The Climbing Place offers a comprehensive collection of climbing and outdoor gear suitable for adults and children alike. Currently, the retail store stocks over 50 different brands of popular gear.Product samples Climbing shoes are also available for purchase across a wide range of sizes and brands, suitable for men and women alike. Customers who are searching for a product that The Climbing Place does not currently stock can order these items direct from the retail store. Customers will not be required to pay shipping on requested items. Individuals who would like to learn more about the particular brands and items stocked by The Climbing Place are advised to call ahead and speak directly with a store associate. If the item is not in stock currently, it can be ordered immediately. Virtual Tour - Product Samples

Membership Opportunities : Customers who plan on visiting The Climbing Place on a regular basis areencouraged to research available membership opportunities. Monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual passes are currently available, and provide significant pricing discounts for repeat visitors. Youth teams are also eligible to receive pricing discounts identical to those found in the standard membership plans.

Punch Passes : The Climbing Place offers punch passes to customers who are interested in purchasing a specified number of admissions to the facility withoutz having to commit to a specific membership plan. Punch passes can be used at any time, and are designed primarily for those who may be visiting the area or those who plan on climbing infrequently. 





Map to The Climbing Place

436 W. Russell St. .Fayetteville, NC 28301 693

Downtown Fayetteville










facebook website telephoneTelepone (910) 486-9638
Fax (910) 486-9005



Timing is seasonal. Please see The Climbing Place website for updated timing and seasonal activities.



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