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Hotel My Lovina Lounge Chairs by the Pool

This open floorplan has large window on either side of the living area.

Reframer Apartments Hokkaido Kitch 

A Modern kitchen open to all areas of the home

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                                                                                                   Reframer Apts, Tomakomai Hokkaido

My Lovina Hotel View from the Hyacinth room

This is a 1-bedroom  / 1-bath apartment located close to the docks in Tomakomai, Hokkaido Japan.

Reframer is a set of eight newly built apartments with modern features. It is designed for comfort and simplicity

The living spaces feature an open floor plan with lots of light while outside parking spaces are provided.

This apartment comes with upgraded features and conviences. The details below will show a small but high quality living space. Virtual Tour

Area Description
  Tomakomai is a coastal city in the state of Hokkaido Japan.  It  is located on the east side of the state facing the PacifTomakomai docks with fishing boatsic Ocean. The island of Hokkaido is located in the Northern part of Japan where the temperature dips well below freezing in winter months. During other parts of the year, the weather is mild.

Tomakomai includes Port Tomakomai and the surrounding city of about 175,000 people. Tomakomai is compact putting the docks near walking distance to downtown and the apartment  in the middle.

Restuarants, convience stores, barbors and groceries can be found in walking distance to the apartments. Downtown Tomakomai is just 5 minutes in a car.

Outside of Tomakomai, there is heavy industry such as mining and chemical factories, the major employers for the region. Area activities including skiing, ice skating, ice hockey and trekking. Trekkers and campers will find undisturbed forest and several national parks that offer good outdoor experiences.

There are several options for transportation. Public transport includes a bus line running through the city and taxis. Commuters will find a ferry to the mainland within walking distance of the apartment and trains to the mainland leaving from downtown.  The International airport is about 30 minutes away in Sapporo.

Reframer apartments Tomakomai JapanEntering the front door, there is a hall (mud room) with a closet. This is especially handy because snow is on the ground for the winter months.
The living room is open to the bedroom and kitchen. It receives sunlight from two large windows on either side of the  house. This gives the place an open and bright feeling.

The kitchen is compact but opened up to the living room. It looks and feels like part of a bigger space. It features a detached stove with mini oven, vented stove hood and double sink.

The bedroom has a huge window facing the west side of the apartment, and two sliding doors that make the apartment feel like one large space when they are open, or a private bedroom with the doors closed. The bedroom also features a large walk-in closet withrefamer_apartment_dinner shelves.

A private potty with heated toilet seat is toward the rear of the apartment. The toilet recycles water from handwashing to flush. The shower and laundry room are located off the kitchen. It has a large shower area with a jetted temperature controlled tub.

The shower area has a heater / dryer system installed. It can be used as a heater while taking a shower, or to dry any clothes hanging in the laundry/shower area.

A small gas heater at the front of the apartment provides heat, but air-conditioning is not required because of the mild summers.

hotel amenities
Reframer apartment door and parking lotOutdoor spaces include a small porch and parking space. The parking space can be considered as an extra. Some apartments don't come with them.
3 January 15


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